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NIXX STIX - Disposable Vape Pen - One Time Use E-Cigarette - 2.0 mL

: Tropical Gold
₱200.00 PHP ₱399.00 PHP
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NIXX STIX Disposables Vape

Available Disposables Flavors:

  • Mellow Water
  • Yo-Gee
  • Tropical Gold
  • Winter Beanie
  • Minty Spears
  • Tobacco Ice
  • Iced Peetchee
  • Blue Dazzle

- With 2 mL cartridge capacity
- Contains: Nicotine 3% (30mg/mL) & 5% for Tobacco Ice, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Flavors
- Guaranteed leak resistant cartridge